Friday, July 10, 2020
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September 20, 2005

Actually since there are three of you it would be proper to say, "Hi y'all, y'all." My new address is 360 Albemarle Ave. SW, Apt. #1, Roanoke, VA 24016. This will be my base of operations as I begin my search for the perfect Bed and Breakfast.

The Cable installer just left and I feel once again connected to the world. I have spent the past two days finding twigs for my nest, spending three hours "gathering" in WalMart, two hours meandering about Bed Bath and Beyond and a triumphant march through Krogar's Supermart, emerging with all the necessaries and my very own Kroger Card. This morning I put the finishing touches to the place -- tablecloth over the TV box which now serves as my computer desk and enough chopping and slicing to coax a gallon of soup out of my crock-pot. I guess I am officially here.

I plan to hit a few flea markets and antique stores this weekend to see if I might find a large table and a dresser of sorts. The rest of today I will be very busy trying to find the origin of the term, "flea market." I swept the front porch yesterday (obviously a foreign concept to the rest of the occupants of 360 Albemarle Ave) so I feel bound to "set a spell" out there and do a bit of reading.

Actually, I have met my neighbors who, while young, have been delightful and welcoming. I have yet to meet anyone who was surly or the least bit unfriendly. The weather is hot, 90 today with 83% humidity. I Haven't yet suffered the demise of the Wicked Witch of the West but I will wait until evening for my walk. The neighbors say that the winters are mild here, but of course they have never lived through a San Diego winter. I'm assuming that their version of mild and mine may differ greatly.

I will be spending the day Monday with my landlord/realtor on a tour of the area and some current homes for sale. He did tell me yesterday that he has a waiting list for myapartment. I will assume that is so that I don't feel bad about having told him that I only plan to spend three months here. Then again it may be that he wants to rush me into buying something-- and I will resist.

Next week, after the grand tour, I plan to do some exploring by myself and then try to impose myself on the proprietor of a B&B or two for information and perhaps an internship. But that is next week and right now the front porch is calling.